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3D Game Design

Zajęcia z projektowania gier 3D

Course description


Want to try yourself in a role of programmer?

This course is a great option to make first steps both in programming and game development!

Kodu Game Lab is one of the most well-known visual programming languages made specifically for creating games. This platform is very popular among children from around the world for its extraordinary accessibility, simplicity of use and the enormity of ideas that attract attention.  Moreover, Kodu Game Lab unlike many other tools for game development introduces children to the logic of programming and the ways of solving problems without using complex syntax, which is an perfect option for those who only start learning the basics of creating games.

What do we teach in this course?

This course is built in order to help kids develop algorithmic thinking, creativity skills, imagination, and try themselves in teamwork. By moving from simple to complex scenarios, and accomplishing interesting practical tasks, kids will be building their own virtual words and learning various opportunities of the platform, and will get convinced that the process of game development is fascinating!

How do we teach?

During the classes we evaluate logical skills and understanding of the topics (why and what for?) the technical abilities (How to do it?) from the practical side.

How do the classes look like?

Classes are held once a week and last for an hour and a half. Each meeting is work in groups of up to 6 students. Students demonstrate knowledge by solving given tasks in their own way, explaining algorithms in their own words, helping other students to find a mistake, and creating their own mini 3D game from the scratch.

Who is this course for?

Classes are intended for children aged 8-12 divided into age groups.

What language the classes held in?

Classes are conducted in both Polish and English languages (depending on the group)

This is what our classes look like:

General information:

  • Age

    10-16 years old

  • Language

    English or/and Polish

  • Price

    Individual classes
    200 PLN/h
    Single payment for 15 classes

ul. Bukowińska 21/25,
02-703 Warszawa

503 302 245