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Who we are?

Language enthusiasts and enthusiasts of technology, innovation, continuous development. Every day we experience how effective activity-based and play-based education is – no matter the age of the student.

Better Academy was founded in 2013 as a school unlike any other – and it remains so today.

I founded Better Academy because I had a need to create a place that teaches how to learn so that you are still hungry for knowledge and skills. All this in English, hence our motto: English and Skills.

This approach was taught to me by my experience of working for many years in a large corporation. Knowledge of a foreign language without practical skills and passion is not enough to find your way in the modern world.

That’s why at Better Academy we teach practical knowledge.

I encourage you to learn more about our teaching methods and principles and our team of exceptional teachers.

See you at Better Academy!

Anna Zawadzka
Founder and CEO of Better Academy


Meet our team

lektor angielskiego native speaker

Anthropologist by education, Ewa completed her studies in London – at University College and at Goldsmiths. She studied physical and social anthropology, with a specialization in political culture. After studying for a good few years, she looked for happiness in large organizations, only to finally find out that teaching English is her greatest passion. In teaching, she likes the most talking with students, and the fact that everyone is completely different, has different interests, experiences, talents and difficulties. Therefore, the work of a teacher is never boring, even if you are teaching everyone the same material. Ewa is a mother of a 4-year-old Leon and she likes working with both children and adults. She thinks, that the the most important thing during the class is for the students to talk as much as possible and try to express they thoughts in English.

angielski native speaker

Teacher with 25 years of experience in teaching adults and children, both in groups and
individually. He comes from the United States, where he completed his education. He has Polish roots.
It is important for Paul to teach others how to speak and communicate freely.
He loves music and theater. Father of three children.

angielski native speaker

Michalina – she’s a sociologist, who calls teaching her calling.
She developed her English language skills when attending an American highschool.
She has been teaching for over 7 years now, using her own original teaching scripts.
In her spare time, Michalina is creating educational materials. She likes long walks, reading and spending time with her dog.

zajęcia taneczne warszawa

In the years 2005-2010 she was a dancer of the “Tipuri” Contemporary Dance Group in Krakow, at the same time practicing contact improvisation, modern, jazz and even hip hop styles.

Since 2010, she has been conducting dance classes and workshops, and since 2013 – also yoga classes.
From 2014 she belongs to the revue group, with which she performs all over Poland, simultaneously taking part in contemporary dance projects in Poland and abroad.

She has participated in many workshops in Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Singapore and Mexico. She has performed, inter alia, in “Carmina Burana” at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia, in choreographies by Karolina Kroczak and Bartek Woszczyński, and in performances by the Krakow Dance Theater.

joga warszawa mokotów

A graduate of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, major in Dance as dancer – choreographer, and MA studies in dance pedagogy and choreography.
A certified RYT200 yoga teacher, a dancer of the Zawirowania Dance Theater.
She has completed pilates training and training in the field of motor preparation of dancers.

Izabela has many projects and performances in her CV: “Danse Macabre”, “Clockwork” choreographed by Minka-Marie Heiß, projects by Elwira Piorun “Tangled in Dance”, “Warsaw and Me, or Dancing with History” “Table with Broken Legs”, Artur Grabarczyk’s performances “Ravnfjær” and “Chrome Paradise”, Daniel Abreu’s performance “Real love” by Zawirowania Dance Theater, “Everything” – a collaboration of the Zawirowania Dance Theater with a group from New York Valerie Green / Dance Entropy.

She has performed in Poland as well as Singapore, Rome, Peru, Bulgaria, New York, Portugal, Sardinia and Lithuania.

native speaker warszawa

Aida comes from Alaska. She is very positive and loves to make fun of the weather.

She has been teaching English for as long as she can remember.

She graduated from UAA universities.

Her greatest joy is teaching adults at the intermediate and higher level. Her most valuable skill when teaching a language is unlocking language barriers, making everyone start talking.

In her free time, she likes to climb, walk and relax in the sun.

Her inspiration is Brene Brown

zajęcia dodatkowe warszawa

Waldemar is a computer physicist . He is the vice president of the SNaFi Physics Teachers Association and a specialist in the use of robotics in teaching astronomy and implementing the latest teaching techniques in teaching astronomy aspects. He conducted workshops at scientific events, incl. for the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. At Better Academy, he conducts Physics classes for grades 6-8 – preparation for Physics Olympiad. His students have been ranked high in national and international competitions, including the Polish edition of CanSats in Europe and UAV Airborne Delivery Challenge.

native speaker warszawa

Bart comes from Canada.  His greatest passion has always been music.. He has been playing a guitar since he was a child and works as a professional musician.

Bart is a graduate of the Humber College in Toronto, where he finished Jazz Performance musical studies. He has been teaching guitar playing since he was a young boy. He started teaching English a few years ago, during his stay in Brasil.

 At Better Academy Bart is teaching both music and English classes. 

jak nauczyć się programowania

One of his greatest passions is English, which he has been teaching successfully for over 20 years, constantly looking for new educational solutions. He creates programs and helps other teachers to conduct classes in a more interesting way.
Passing on knowledge is a lot fun for him. He does it with commitment,  sharing good energy with his students. Thanks to that, lessons with him are never boring. His latest passion is teaching English through programming games.
When he is not teaching children, his free time is filled with music. He also likes to rest watching a good movie or traveling around the world, which is a great opportunity to make use of his excellent knowledge of the English language.

A graduate of the Academy of Special Education, a mathematics and computer science teacher with 7 years of experience in working with children, starting from nursery groups to students of grades 4-8. In teaching. She is guided by Albert Einstein’s thought that “Pure mathematics is the poetry of logical thinking.”  Therefore, both in teaching Computer Science and Mathematics, she puts great emphasis on the logical thinking. The child is supposed to discover the world and try to draw conclusions from his actions on his own. In her free time, Karolina likes to cook, bake, create educational games and travel. At Better Academy, she teaches programming, logical thinking and coding.

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