Better Academy | Język angielski dla dzieci

what do we teach and how

Communication in English

  • We help break language barriers
  • We teach English in parallel to other skills
  • We provide education under the guidance of native speakers
  • education in action and through play

  • We run active classes
  • We support students in learning and experiencing
  • We promote active and committed attitude
  • Social skills

  • We encourage active participation
  • We shape confidence and self-awareness
  • We showcase how to plan effectively and implement your own goals
  • Technology

  • We shape technological curiosity
  • We introduce students to the magical world of programming
  • We use modern educational tools
  • Our mission

     We believe in your child’s potential

    We believe in education planning that will guide a child towards a better future. That is why we offer English language as a tool along with the education of interpersonal and social skills for children and youth. In our opinion, these are the elements necessary to develop attitudes that build awareness of one’s abilities, self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as responsibility for actions performed.

    We know the needs of the labor market

    We are up to date with changes on the labor market and we know how quickly everything changes in the modern world. The development of new technologies imposes an unprecedented pace of life. According to the World Economic Forum, as many as 65% of school-age children in the future will work in professions that will only be created. Already today, while recruiting for prestigious colleges, high-level social skills are required from future students. Establishing relationships, communication focused on dialogue, organization and time management are just some of the desired competences at major universities in Poland and in Europe. These skills need to be learned at every stage of education, but the advantage is in the hands of those who have started appropriate education earlier. Therefore, we believe that one should not hesitate to plan the path of the child’s development. Every success begins with the first step.


    We are the best in what we do

    As experts in teaching English and the social competences to the young generation, we know how to help your child to fully use its potential, to develop his advantages and passions, to fight difficulties, to bravely defeat and draw conclusions from those difficulties for the future, to win the world and accomplish the set of goals with more certainty.


    We help children to fulfill their potential and to develop themselves according to individual talents and passions.

    Meet Our Teem



    Teacher with 25 years of experience in teaching adults and children in groups and
    individually. He comes from the United States, where he completed his education and came back
    to Poland. He has Polish roots.
    It is important for Paul to speak and communicate freely.
    He loves music and theater. Father of three children.

    zajęcia z angielskiego dla dzieci

    Paulina is a preschool and early school teacher.

    She gained experience teaching in kindergartens and British schools.

    She has a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) certificate, which confirms her
    skills in CLIL based on the simultaneous transfer of content from
    areas of taught subjects and elements of a foreign language.

    Privately, Paulina loves to travel, practices yoga and is interested in various fields of psychology.


    angielski z lektorem warszawa

    Oryginally from Canada, Bartek’s greatest passion is music. He has been playing guitar since childhood and working as a professional musician for the last 20 years. He is a graduate of Humber College in Toronto (Canada) where he completed music studies at the Jazz Performance program. From a young age, Bart teaches music and guitar.For several years now, he has been qualified to teach English.   At Better Academy, he conducts music classes in Polish and English, and also language classes in English.

    zajęcia z jogi warszawa


    Instructor of relaxation, breathing techniques, yoga and a healthy spine. Artetherapist and Aromacoach. Welfare Guide

    Passionate about a healthy lifestyle and a holistic approach to health. Comprehensively uses body work techniques, relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and art therapy to support the restoration of psychophysical balance, improve the quality of life, health, reduce stress and discover your full potential. She conducts regular classes and workshops for companies, institutions and individuals, as well as recreational and development trips. She practices sisterhood, runs Women’s Circles and recreational and development workshops.

    taniec warszawa


    In the years 2005-2010 she was a dancer of the “Tipuri” Contemporary Dance Group in Krakow, at the same time practicing also contact improvisation, modern, jazz and even hip hop styles.

    Since 2010, he has been conducting dance classes and workshops, and since 2013 also yoga classes.
    Since 2014, he belongs to the revue group, with which he performs all over Poland, simultaneously taking part in contemporary dance projects in Poland and abroad.

    She has participated in many workshops in Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Singapore and Mexico. She has performed, inter alia, in “Carmina Burana” at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia, in choreographies by Karolina Kroczak and Bartek Woszczyński, and in performances by the Krakow Dance Theater.

    programowanie od podstaw


    – One of his greatest passions is English, which he has been teaching successfully for over 20 years, constantly looking for new educational solutions. At the same time, he creates programs and helps other teachers to conduct classes in a more interesting way.
    Passing on knowledge makes him fun. He does it with commitment, also sharing good energy with his students. Thanks to this, lessons with him are never boring. His latest passion is teaching English through programming games.
    When he is not teaching children, his free time is filled with music. He likes to rests watching a good movie or traveling around the world, which is helped by his excellent knowledge of the English language.

    lektor angielskiego


    Dance and stage movement are her great passions. As a professionally active actress, she knows how important it is to be aware of her own body on stage.

    She is a graduate of the Vocal and Acting College in Gdynia. After completing her studies, she moved to New York, where she attended dance classes at Shelter Studio and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    During her classes at the Better Academy, Marta combines teaching dance with teaching English. Through movement, students learn a lot of English expressions, develop their motor creativity as well as interpersonal and social skills.


    nauka angiesllego dla dzieci


    Maciek is passionate about photography and film. He loves to read, watch and record his own productions. He is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Photography, studied at the film school, and for 2 years he has been studying Literature and Culture Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. He has been teaching children for several years. At Better Academy, he teaches programming and runs the Young Filmmaker and Interior Design courses.
    korepetycje z fizyki warszawa


    Waldemar is a computer physicist . He is the vice president of the SNaFi Physics Teachers Association and a specialist in the use of robotics in teaching astronomy and implementing the latest teaching techniques in teaching astronomy aspects. He conducted workshops at scientific events, incl. for the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. At Better Academy, he conducts Physics classes for grades 6-8 – preparation for Physics Olympiad. So far, his students have been ranked high in national and international competitions, including the Polish edition of CanSats in Europe and UAV Airborne Delivery Challenge.

    Anna Zawadzka


    Ania founded the Academy in 2013. She is an expert in planning and practical education, co-author of educational programs for children and youth. Ania follows and analyzes the current results of educational and developmental research on an ongoing basis, thanks to which the activities organized by her are tailored to the children’s needs, interests and academic paths. In her methods, she focuses on practical skills, the end result, support and motivation. She is the originator and author of the “I control my time” book series for children :“Preschooler’s Time” and “Planer for free time”. She has many years of managerial experience in the gaming industry, where she implemented pioneering programs in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). For years, she has been associated with the Vital Voices organization, which supports the professional development of women, as a scholarship holder and then a mentor. In her free time, she likes meeting new people, traveling and riding horses.