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Coding for teens (age 10-16)

Zajęcia z programowania

Course description

Is your child into computer-based activities, IT or maths? Or perhaps he or she has already theoretical foundations and would like to expand their practical skills?

Programming is a great way to learn and practice logical thinking. Getting to know the significance of cause and effect sequences, as well as having the ability to interpret and draw conclusions based on available information is crucial to develop logical thinking.

Coding is also an excellent way to improve time-management skills and to get to know how to deal best with problems. It is a forward-looking curriculum, delivered in an  accessible, children-friendly way.

What do we teach in this course?

Python coding is a course focused on learning one of the most popular programming languages. The main goal of the class is to create a simple computer game.

How do we teach?

Students will learn the foundations of programming using a variety of additional teaching devices and tools, for example, a digital board or Micro: bit board, due to which the children can check how exactly the code that they write, works in practice.

How the classes are held?

Participants work on computers, using additional equipment to put the written instructions into practice (for example, Micro:bit and Arduino boards).

At the end of the programming course, each participant receives a gift and a diploma.

Who is this course for?

Introduction to programming in Python is intended for children aged 11-16.

What language are the classes held in?

Classes are conducted in Polish with elements of English vocabulary.

Tak wyglądają nasze zajęcia:

General Information:

  • Age

    10-16 lat

  • Language

    English or/and Polish

  • Price

    Individual classes
    200 PLN/h
    Single payment for 15 classes

ul. Bukowińska 21/25,
02-703 Warszawa

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