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English with elements of coding for preschoolers
(ages 5-6)

There are increasing talks about programming as the language of the future. Just like with the English language, children should get used to it from an early age. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a prestigious English language course with elements of coding for preschoolers. Together we learn the basics of English and programming through numerous games, fun on coding mats, and great time.

What do we teach in this course?

‘English classes with elements of coding for preschoolers’ is a methodology of learning a foreign language using board and movement games, as well as various activities on coding mats. Our students discover that programming is possible at every age, and learning a language can be easy and fun.

How do we teach?

Through having fun! We teach by interacting with blocks, cubes, mazes based on coding mats. We also use board games and moving games, such as GO Coding! or Robot Turtles. Together we program simple artificial intelligence, all in English! By that means, we motivate children to develop vocabulary, to improve pronunciation, and to practise the use of language (work in pairs).

How do the classes look like?

The course lasts for one semester and consists of 16-18 lessons. Classes are held once a week and last for an hour. Each lessons runs in small group of up to 6 people.

At the end of the course, each child receives a gift and a diploma.

Who is this course for?

Classes are intended for children aged 5-6.

What language are the classes held in?

Classes are held in two languages – Polish and English. The teacher addresses children in English and translates phrases into Polish if necessary.

Detailed information:

Age group: 5-6 years
Price: 80 pln per class
Frequency and duration: once a week, 60min

Contact us

ul. Bukowińska 21/25, 02-703

503 302 245