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An authoritative English course for primary and secondary schools

nauka angielskiego dla dzieci

Learn more about our proposal for schools:

Native speaker at your school? We give much more… A specially designed learning program that helps children start speaking and learn practical vocabulary and expressions in English.

What is GLOBETROTTER ? This is our proprietary English course for children in elementary and high school, which will come in handy when traveling and in everyday communication.

Strengths of the course:

  • small groups – up to 9 people,
  • program adapted to both classroom and online modes,
  • interactive program using games and online applications,
  • classes conducted during school hours,
  • for primary and secondary school students.

Through our course, students:

English language:

  • are motivated to learn English,
  • are not afraid to read the information in English,
  • feel safe in an English-speaking environment,
  • confidently conduct short dialogues in travel situations,
  • are able to learn independently,
  • create their own language games to consolidate the material learned in lessons.


  • they learn more about the world through a virtual journey through continents and countries,
  • they learn the most important information about selected countries,
  • enrich their knowledge about such important topics as global warming, environmental protection, advantages and risks of social media,
  • learn about different cultures and learn tolerance and respect for other people.

Our language trainers:

  • native speakers with knowledge of Polish
  • each trainer invites students into his or her world, thus building partnerships with them, e.g. sharing their interests,
  • specialists in various fields, including music, inner development, coaching – they incorporate elements of these fields into their lessons.

General information:

  • Age

    8 - 16

  • Language


  • Duration

    34 teaching hours

  • Groups

    up to 9 people

  • Days

    Once a week

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02-703 Warszawa

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