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Better Academy: English and Skills. We teach practical skills of the 21st century that are in demand on the global market. We focus on the development of logical, critical and creative thinking as well as teamwork.

We are not an ordinary language school. We have experience working with children attending German, French, British and American schools. As specialists in conscious learning, we meet the expectations of parents from all over the world. We use an individual, workshop approach. We teach foreign languages by immersion; now also online. 

Our programmes are dedicated to the youngest children (6 months to 6 years old) and older children (6 years to 16 years old), also bilingual and English-speaking. Browse our offer and check which program suits your child’s needs.

“The aim of Better Academy is to give children a better start in life.

We teach practical skills: languages and programming, movie making and basic robotics. We focus on the talents and interests of our students, taking under consideration the dynamic job market as well.

Our offer is complementary to the Polish education system.”

Anna Zawadzka – educational expert, founder and co-author of Better Academy’s teaching programmes. In charge of the Academy since 2013.


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