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Interior design (age 9-16)

Course description

Interior Design is a series of meetings dedicated to gaining skills related to architecture and design. During the course kids will work using Room Sketcher – a programme which will allow them to master skills such as:

  • designing spaces,
  • finding usable placement of windows, doors, stairs etc.,
  • choosing the appropriate materials to match your aesthetics 
  • placing furniture, plants, decorations and accessories 
  • generating snapshots of your designed space.

These are skills which will enable the students to design their own room (the final project), but also allow for further progress in the field of interior design or architecture in general. 

The course consists of parts corresponding with specific subjects of the programme as follows:

  • Walls (also balconies, terraces and garden area)
  • Windows etc. (this subject also includes the placement of doors and stairs)
  • Materials (floors, paint, stone, wood, tiles, wallpapers)
  • Furniture (the last and the most developed part of the programme, which allows to place 3D models of furniture generated by companies such as IKEA, Fritz Hansen, Voss or Pottery Barn into your project and take a snapshot to see the effects.)

Example topics:

  • “Designing the framework”
  • “The choice of materials”
  • “Space management”
  • “Interior aesthetics”

This is what our classes look like:

General information:

  • aGE

    11+ years old

  • Language

    Polish or/and English

  • pRICE

    Group classes
    90 PLN/h
    Single payment for 10 classes

    Individual classes
    200 PLN/h
    Single payment for 15 classes

  • dAYS

    Monday (Polish)

  • Teacher


ul. Bukowińska 21/25,
02-703 Warszawa

503 302 245