Better Academy | Język angielski dla dzieci

Little Pole

The goal of this program is to learn together what does it truly mean to ‘be a Pole’. During the lessons we will learn about the history of our country, embody the creators of traditions and folk, and discover the rich Slavic mythology – the gods Swarog, Perun and others, as well as the assortment of mythical creatures that supposedly inhabited Polish lands long before Christianity, such as Leszy, Baba Jaga, wils or mermaids.
These classes teach artistic sensitivity by explaining how its motives function in modern literature and design. It is a journey into the past, the aim of which is to develop creative and critical thinking. We also help children build the perceptiveness and artistic sense.
As part of the program, we also organize workshops focused on Polish language – the most common language errors as well as proverbs – together we will check how well we know them and whether we understand their meanings properly.

The lessons are conducted in Polish and include kinetic games and play.

Age: 9-10
Maximum number of participants: 6
Number of lessons: 10
Frequency and duration: once a week, 60min
Price: 500 PLN