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Happy Kids (age 5-6)

Would you like your child to learn the way children at the British kindergarten do? Sign up your child for our unique course which combines fun with real education and prepares them for the next level in their education process. English for children aged 5-6. The classes are unique as they are based on the curriculum of the British kindergarten at the Reception level. Its program differs significantly from the method of teaching English in a traditional Polish kindergarten. 

Zajęcia umuzykalniające Gordonki

Happy Tunes (6 months to 4 years old)

How to nurture the inborn musical inclinations and linguistic competence of children from the early age? Through our classes we focus on speech development, increase kinesthetic abilities and manual skills. Child is encouraged to improvise, learn how to use the rhythm and say their first words. According to Prof. Edwin E. Gordon, music has a highly stimulating general effect on the development of childrens’ brain and nervous system. Therefore, in Better Academy we also focus on this crucial aspect in the early childhood education.

Zajęcia z angielskiego z elementami kodowania

Coding for kids (age 5-6)

There are increasing talks about programming as the language of the future. Just like with the English language, children should get used to it from an early age. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a prestigious English language course with elements of coding for preschoolers. Together we learn the basics of English and programming through numerous games, fun on coding mats, and great time.

Zajęcia z matematyki na wesoło

Creative Math (age 7-10)

‘Creative math’ is a new way of teaching mathematics that goes far beyond memorizing the most important rules in this field. We abandon stick-in-the-mud methods in favor of effective and adored by children approach. This course is a combination of fun and the most effective ways of  studying and personal development. This is the first step on the way to achieve better grades in the new school year.


Zajęcia z angielskiego

Fun & Play – Fun & Games in English (age 6-16)

We teach from the basics; vocabulary, sentence constructions, and correct pronunciation through the variety of educational games. The subject area allows children, after a series of classes, to be able to talk about themselves, their interests, and plans in the same way as native speakers do.

In a friendly atmosphere we break the language barrier and intensively practice English under the guidance of Native Speaker.