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Summer Camp Online

Better Academy successfully combines education with fun!

The way our courses have been designed is to show children how to use their time effectively and creatively. 

Select one of the courses. Each course lasts from Monday to Friday. One lesson takes 40 minutes. Up to 5 students in one group. To find out more, go to Summer Camps 2021

3D Coding

This course is built in order to help kids develop algorithmic thinking, creativity skills, imagination, and try themselves in teamwork. By moving from simple to complex scenarios, and accomplishing interesting practical tasks, kids will be building their own virtual words and learning various opportunities of the platform, and will get convinced that the process of game development is fascinating!

AGE GROUP : 7-9 lat i 10-12 lat TIME : 9:30

Fun with PhysicsDuring this course, students will learn what electromagnetic waves are, how X-ray tubes work, what gamma is and how PET works. They will find out that the universe and processes which take place there may have much more in common with a beating heart than meets the eye.

AGE GROUP : 7-9 lat, 10-12, 12+ TIME : 19:00

Interior DesignFor beginners who would like to take first steps in designing their own room. During the course, students will learn how to design perfect lighting and how to select materials in terms of overall aesthetics. They will also discover how to best place furniture, plants, decorations and accessories.  

AGE GROUP : 7-9 lat i 10-12 lat TIME : 11:00

Young MoviemakerFor beginners who would like to learn the following: how to make short videos; how to record and produce a music video that attracts people’s attention; how to add music, animation and other small elements to make the video more attractive; how to run a successful YouTube channel.

AGE GROUP : 7-9 lat i 10-12 lat TIME : 10:00




We also invite you to individual meetings with teachers for students.

Choose an item for your child:

  • English
  • French
  • Physics
  • Music
  • 3D Games 
  • Programming 


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