Better Academy | Język angielski dla dzieci

Teaching methods and results

At Better Academy we put great emphasis on making our activities interesting for children and full of fun – this way we don’t have to worry about the lack of commitment on their side, and we can fully focus on transferring knowledge to them. We use many proven teaching methods based on the vast experience of our teachers.


We use a wide range of materials – board games, films, music, etc. We are opposed to monotonous lessons, and that is why we try to surprise children, so that they don’t know what to expect from the next classes – this way they are also more eager to attend.

We adapt the topics of the classes to the interests of our students. If we know that they like sweets – we will prepare cookies together. Archery? We will discuss a number of words related to the subjects and we will play archers. Travels? We will play the role of a traveler. And what interest does your child have?

Sitting on benches is boring, that is why we do not have benches. Instead, children are encouraged to take active lessons, full of games and motion. We teach through play and play while teaching. We also do not avoid creative forms of development – together with students we create cut-outs, collages, drawings, and much, much more.

We teach courage and faith in one’s own abilities. We break language barriers. We extract the full potential of the children and make them the best version of themselves.

Throughout classes we stimulate the development of all kinds of intelligence – linguistic, logical, emotional and the one responsible for curiosity. We want our students to be interested in the world around them. We want them not to be afraid to explore it.


Lessons in Better Academy helped me believe in my own abilities. I am treated like an adult person and given a huge amount of attention. English is no longer a source of concern and stress for me, but a reason to feel more confident. Thanks to the lessons at Better Academy, my grades at the school have improved, and the tests and quizzes are no longer something that worries me. Thanks to the knowledge gained during classes, I am able to watch movies and series in English with understanding. In the future, I want to go abroad and meet more people with the same positive attitude as my teacher at Better Academy.

Matylda, 15

participant of Leadership Skills for Teens classes