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Film workshop

letni kurs angielskiego warszawa

Conducted in English, the workshop is aimed at learning and mastering a specific filmmaking tool, namely one of the editing apps for smartphones and tablets.

It allows basic recording and editing of movies (or music videos, or other audiovisual works). Its dizzying recent career lies in its widespread availability and ease of use, which will enable the workshop’s overarching goal of inspiring young people to create on their own.

Workshop participants will draw a single word to describe an object, prop, dialogue, or photo, and around these themes will be encouraged to construct a film piece: a music video using a favorite song, a short dialogue scene, or an avant-garde film essay.

The freedom of form is intentional and stems from the philosophy of creating out of passion, out of interest, and out of the need to tell stories of our own choosing.

Framework work plan:

1. team building

2. presentation of the tutors

3. presentation of two-three examples of short film forms made with the help of the phone application with their discussion.

4. division of the group into two subgroups

5. drawing of topics

6. realization of pictures

7. presentation and a brief discussion of the resulting works in the whole group

8. evaluation of the workshop with the participants

The workshop has an introductory character. It is a good starting point for subsequent in-depth and more detailed thematic workshops: screenwriting, scriptwriting (storyboarding), editing, working with sound on set, acting workshop, working with camera and optics, light workshop (led by masters of lighting), editing, post-production (color correction and sound – sound direction), up to the workshop on the basics of publication and promotion of audiovisual works.

Anna: screenwriter and director, a graduate of the Film and Television Directing Department of the Film School in Łódź and the Department of International and Political Studies at Jagiellonian University; scholarship holder of the Freie Universitaet in Berlin and the CineNomadSchool program (a collaboration of film schools from Poland, France, Nigeria, Benin, and Burkina Faso). In January 2020, her graduation feature film The Last Snows was produced. Author of documentary and feature short films (including To byłoby coś pięknego, Planeta Ziemia); in the past associated with the Cracow social radio station “Radiofonia”, where she hosted a series of socio-cultural programs; columnist for the monthly magazine Pismo, Magazyn opinii, winner of an art scholarship from the City of Warsaw

General information:

  • Age


  • Language


  • Duration


  • Group

    Group of 9 students - 1 teacher

  • Price

    To be determined

  • Requirements

    Having Android smartphones or iPhones

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