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Better Academy | Język angielski dla dzieci


Has your child told you they want to be a youtuber or an Instagram influencer? Or maybe they are already working with their friends on their TikTok choreography?

Maybe when watching video clips or ads they keep asking interesting questions, draws conclusions about lighting, sound, acting or editing?

If so, then it is high time you developed your child’s interests and taught them how to tell their story through a video.

Thanks to our Summer Camp, children will get familiar with all the elements of this universal form of art. They will:

  • Write their own script,
  • Edit their videos,
  • Add music and simple animations,
  • Get to know how to work on the plot,
  • Develop the skills of a space architect,
  • Practise planning and time-management,
  • Learn how to take the initiative,
  • Work in teams, develop their interpersonal communication skills,
  • Promote their final product.

Our Summer Camps are for children who:

  • Want to discover a new skill – how to communicate through a video,
  • Want to try making their own videos,
  • Want to develop their practical skills which they will be using throughout their whole life,
  • Are 7 to 12 years old.

What makes us special:

  • 7 years of experience in teaching children.
  • Experienced teachers who inspire children to find out more.
  • Unique education syllabus adjusted to children’s interests.
  • Practical knowledge useful when completing projects.
  • Friendly location (classrooms and garden)– perfect to stimulate children’s curiosity and learning.

Duration:   from Monday to Friday
from 09:30 am to 03:30 pm

2-6 August 2021;   
9-13 August 2021; 
16-20 August 2021; 
23-27 August
Age:   from 7 years old
Groups:   8-10 children
Location:   Better Academy, 21/25 Bukowińska Street
Fee:   PLN 850 for a weekly camp
Language:   English/Polish

Our teachers:

Ola – a professional film director and script writer; graduated from The Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź; her short features (Połączeni, Czuły Film) were screened and awarded at film festivals around the world.

At Better Academy Ola runs Movie Maker classes. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion with her students. She taught film-making at youth movie camps as well as snowboarding and skiing at winter camps.

Maciej – passionate about photography and film; loves reading, watching and recording his own productions; a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Photography, studied at a film school. Maciej has taught children for a few years now. At Better Academy Maciej runs Movie Maker and Interior Design courses.

Bart – comes from Canada; his greatest passion is music. He learnt how to play the guitar when he was a small child. He has been working as a professional musician for the last 20 years. He graduated from Jazz Performance at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Bart is a qualified English teacher. At Better Academy he runs English classes as well as Music courses both in Polish and English.

SEE what students made during last year’s Summer camp