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Would you like your child to learn the way children at the British kindergarten do? Sign up your child for our unique course which combines fun with real education and prepares them for the next level in their education process.

English for children aged 5-6. The classes are unique as they are based on the curriculum of the British kindergarten at the Reception level. Its program differs significantly from the method of teaching English in a traditional Polish kindergarten. Our course combines fun with real learning and prepares children for the next stage of learning. The main features of the course are systematic group work, selection of exercises taking into account different types of students’ intelligence, learning through various sensory channels, using sources and materials suitable for conducting.
Each class lasts 90 minutes including a break and consists of two modules Literacy and Maths / Numeracy, during which students will learn basic skills through play, rhymes and music.
The break may last from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the needs of the children and their level of concentration during classes, in order to avoid being too tired or discouraged from further work.
After each class, students’ performance will be rewarded with positive feedback a special sticker. To revise the knowledge gained during the class, students may also be given a short 10-minute homework to be done with the parent at home. Homework completion will also be rewarded.
What skills do we teach?

•    letter recognition in writing,
•    recognition of sounds related to letters through a number of different songs,
•    building and reading the first English words with the new letters,
•    rhyme recognition.
•    motor skills,
•    recognition and writing of numbers from 1 to 20,
•    understanding simple counting, including addition and subtraction,
•    recognition of geometric figures and their properties.
What are their benefits?
•    the child becomes familiar with the English language and thus it is easier for them to learn it in the future,
•    has greater ease in establishing relationships with others,
•    develops their empathy, openness and willingness to offer help,
•    increases their self-esteem,
•    enriches their imagination.

General information:
•    Age: 5-6 years old
•    Language: classes are conducted in English

Paulina is a pre-school and early school teacher. Currently, she is teaching at The British School. She has a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) certificate, which confirms her skills in the field of CLIL education based on the simultaneous transfer of content in the field of taught subjects and elements of a foreign language.
Aleksandra, like Paulina, works at The British School as a supporting teacher. Currently, she is preparing to defend her master’s thesis in psychology. On a daily basis, she works with children with various disorders, including autistic children.