Better Academy | Język angielski dla dzieci

Fun & Play (ages 6 to 16)

Do you think it is possible to combine learning English with having fun? 

With us it is! Through educational games and physical activities children study and repeat new vocabulary.

What do we teach?

We teach from the basics: vocabulary, sentence constructions, and correct pronunciation through the variety of educational games. The subject area allows children, after a series of classes, to be able to talk about themselves, their interests, and plans in the same way as native speakers do.

In a friendly atmosphere we break the language barrier and intensively practise English under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

How do we teach? 

Children learn through creative games, such as art classes, role plays, etc. The scope and level of difficulty of classes are adjusted to the group’s skills.  Better Academy has a wide collection of English books, from the simple fairy tales stories to those written in a more advanced level. Moreover, we take advantage of our collection of board games (over 100!) prepared for learning English.

How do the classes look like?

The course lasts for one year and consists of 2 semesters. Classes are held twice a week and last for an hour.

These are not typical classes where children sit in a row, note, and learn phrases by heart. Instead, Fun & Play offers classes in motion. Having so much fun, children won’t even realise how many new words they have learned and how fast an hour went past.

At the end of the cycle each child receives a gift and a diploma.

Who is this course for?

The course is for children who like to play and have a lot of energy.

Different age groups are available. The group is composed of children of similar age and level of English.

We decided to create a series of classes aimed at building a sense of responsibility and broadening knowledge in children; how to behave in various situations, from asking a simple question to more complex issues.

Topics learned during our course:

            Where am I from? Who am I?

            Where and how do I travel?

            I know how to buy what I want

            Sports bring happiness and emotions

            Games and puzzles in English

Methods we use:

            Learning to improvise during role play scenes

            Topical games

            Visual vocabulary 

General information:

Age of participants: 6 to 16 

Days and prices:

Monday 17.00-18.00 for ages 6-8

Wednesday 16.30-17.30 for ages 8-10

1 semester (13 classes) – 1040 pln 

Tuesday, Thursday for 11+ 

1 semester (28 classes) – 2400 pln

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Contact us

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