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zajęcia pozalekcyjne dla dzieci

Movie maker ( 7-16)

Beginner level course for children who want to learn how to make short videos. How to record and produce a clip that will get a viewer’s attention? How to add music, animation and other features that will further enrich the video? How to set up and successfully run a YouTube channel?


Zajęcia z programowania

Coding for teens (ages 11-16)

Programming is a great way to learn and practice logical thinking. Coding is also an excellent way to improve time-management skills and to get to know how to deal best with problems. It is a forward-looking curriculum, delivered in an  accessible, children-friendly way. Python coding is a course focused on learning one of the most popular programming languages. The main goal of the class is to create a simple computer game.


Zajęcia z projektowania gier 3D

3D Game Design (ages 10-15)

Kodu Game Lab is one of the most well-known visual programming languages made specifically for creating games. This platform is very popular among children from around the world for its extraordinary accessibility, simplicity of use and the enormity of ideas that attract attention.  Moreover, Kodu Game Lab unlike many other tools for game development introduces children to the logic of programming and the ways of solving problems without using complex syntax, which is an perfect option for those who only start learning the basics of creating games.



Interior Design is a series of meetings dedicated to gaining skills relating to architecture and design. During the course kids will work using Room Sketcher – a programme which will allow them to master skills such as: designing spaces, usable placement of windows, doors, stairs etc., choosing the appropriate materials to match your aesthetics, placing furniture, plants, decorations and accessories, generating snapshots of your designed space.