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programowanie po angielsku dla dzieci

English with elements of coding (age 5-6)

There are increasing talks about programming as the language of the future. Just like with the English language, children should get used to it from an early age. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a prestigious English language course with elements of coding for preschoolers. Together we learn the basics of English and programming through numerous games, fun on coding mats, and great time.

‘English classes with elements of coding for preschoolers’ is a methodology of learning a foreign language using board and movement games, as well as various activities on coding mats. Our students discover that programming is possible at every age, and learning a language can be easy and fun.

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zajęcia dla dzieci po angielsku

Creative Math (ages 5-8)

‘Creative math’ is a new way of teaching mathematics that goes far beyond memorizing the most important rules in this field. We abandon stick-in-the-mud methods in favor of effective and adored by children approach. This course is a combination of fun and the most effective ways of  studying and personal development. This is the first step on the way to achieve better grades in the new school year.

Logical and creative thinking, development of mathematical skills, intuition, and deduction. Through planned games, younger participants get to know numbers and learn to add and subtract, whereas schoolchildren broaden their knowledge of multiplication and division. Children do calculations, study basics of geometry, and solidify their mathematical knowledge in practice – they learn to read the clock, get to know the value of a unit of measure and weight, and much more!

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język angielski dla dzieci i młodzieży

Fun & Play – Fun & Games in English (age 5-16)

We teach from the basics; vocabulary, sentence constructions, and correct pronunciation through the variety of educational games. The subject area allows children, after a series of classes, to be able to talk about themselves, their interests, and plans in the same way as native speakers do.

In a friendly atmosphere we break the language barrier and intensively practice English under the guidance of Native Speaker. 

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nauka programowania po angielsku

Basics of Coding with Ozobots (ages 7-10)

In anticipation of the new and emerging trends affecting the labor market, Better Academy has developed a program to introduce children to the fundamentals of coding using interactive games, deconstructing codes, and programming robots. Classes equip children with tools to navigate the world of new technologies and encourage them not to be afraid to explore it by themselves.

Classes focus on the development of logical and abstract thinking instead of learning a specific programming language. As a result, children will master the basics of every programming language. We teach the concept of loops, variables, and instructions associated with real programs. We create games together and learn to program a simple artificial intelligence algorithm.

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kodowanie dla dzieci warszawa

3D Game Design in Kodu (ages 10-15)

Kodu Game Lab is one of the most well-known visual programming languages made specifically for creating games. This platform is very popular among children from around the world for its extraordinary accessibility, simplicity of use and the enormity of ideas that attract attention.  Moreover, Kodu Game Lab unlike many other tools for game development introduces children to the logic of programming and the ways of solving problems without using complex syntax, which is an perfect option for those who only start learning the basics of creating games.

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programowanie po angielsku

Coding in Python (ages 11-16)

Programming is a great way to learn and practice logical thinking. Getting to know the significance of cause and effect sequences, as well as having the ability to interpret and draw conclusions based on available information is crucial to develop logical thinking.

Coding is also an excellent way to improve time-management skills and to get to know how to deal best with problems. It is a forward-looking curriculum, delivered in an  accessible, children-friendly way.

Python coding is a course focused on learning one of the most popular programming languages. The main goal of the class is to create a simple computer game.

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korepetycje z angielskiego dla dzieci i młodzieży

Active Kids – Communicating in English (ages 11-12)

This course for children ages 11-12 teaches practical skills needed in a rapidly changing modern world as well as in the workplace of the future.

Participants will engage in various exercises, games and activities that will help them:

*Answer the questions: what can I do well and what do I still need to work on? (finding strengths and weaknesses)

*Focus on positives! draw a map of abilities, talents and interests, things to care about etc.

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