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angielski dla dzieci i młodzieży

Summer camp for children who want to start their adventure with the world of programming, electronics and engineering, i.e. for the successors of Elon Musk.

After taking part in our camp children will be able to create and program a 3D game on their own. They will know what programming tools they want to learn and why. They will build their new competences in the digital world.

The participants will learn to think like engineers and great inventors. They will learn how to safely use the digital world, distinguish programming languages, and where to look for information about IT.


We will teach your child how to:

What does the course program include?

General information:

  • Age


  • Language


  • Price

    1500 zł
    Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00

  • Date

    1.08.2022- 5.08.2022

  • Teacher


ul. Bukowińska 21/25,
02-703 Warszawa

503 302 245