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Basics of Coding

programowanie od podstaw warszawa

In our classes, children learn coding in a gentle and friendly way through play. Using robots (Ozobots, LEGO WE DO and Doc) we introduce children to the world of a programming language that teaches logical thinking, observation, deduction, prediction, reasoning, planning and recognizing dependencies. We gradually familiarize children with new concepts that become more understandable and positively associated for children, so that they see that programming can be great fun.

Knowledge in the field of programming is an opportunity to develop competences that will be useful in any profession. Classes are conducted entirely in English, thanks to which children get acquainted with the language by learning and practicing English vocabulary, both general and that speifically related to coding.

What skills do we teach?

  • Communication in English;
  • Coding with robotics; building robots and programming them;
  • Logical thinking;
  • Troubleshooting.

What are the benefits of the course?

  • The child listens to the English language, which helps him to naturally acquire it later;

  • The child learns how to solve problems and plan.

  •  The child is getting familiar with basics of programing language in a relaxed atmosfere and learning useful skills through activities he enjoys.

  • The course helps increasing child’s self-esteem; the child learns how to freely communicate with others and work in a group.

  •  Enriches child’s imagination and helps developing his interests

Informacje ogólne:

  • Age

    5 - 6 years old

  • language


  • Price

    55 PLN/h - 150 PLN/h
    on the size
    of the group)

  • Day

    Arranged individually

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